Ohio Criminal & Traffic Defense

I never realized how happy I could be, just driving to work! I’m sure Leslie feels that she is “just doing her job,” but in my opinion she goes above and beyond. Leslie literally did everything for me last Thursday! I would have felt so lost and scared without her there to protect me and my rights. She was a very welcoming and reassuring smile, knowledgeable, and professional yet easy-going.
— OVI Client

Our goal in providing criminal defense services to clients is to eliminate or at least limit the stress and burden, no matter if you are facing a small traffic infraction or a major criminal complaint. Consistent with this purpose, our representation always starts with listening and focusing on your well-being. We understand that courts can be intimidating, inconvenient, and overwhelming. We work very hard to manage your case based on you as an individual. 

We handle all types of criminal cases, from minor traffic tickets to OVI/DUI offenses, drug offenses, theft/fraud offenses, domestic violence and assault offenses, weapons offenses, sex offenses, and much more. We have a specific eye toward protecting your background for future employers or interested parties, and frequently assist clients with expungements or sealing of the record. We also guide potential candidates for employment on applying for a Certificate of Qualification for Employment

We regularly appear in the Franklin County Municipal and Common Pleas Courts, as well as mayors courts within Franklin County. We also enjoy taking cases in nearby counties, including but not limited to Delaware County, Licking County, Madison County, and Fairfield County. As long as it makes sense to the client, we also take cases in not so nearby counties such as Wood County (Bowling Green), Jefferson County (Steubenville), Hamilton County (Cincinnati), and any of the other counties located within Ohio's borders. 

When you have been faced with a criminal charge, hiring the right attorney is essential to success. We take all criminal charges seriously, no matter the level of misdemeanor or felony. We recognize that even a minor offense can negatively affect your future, your career, your reputation, your family, and your finances. That's why we fight for your rights on a minor traffic ticket as hard as we would on a criminal felony charge. Our clients are always treated with respect, dignity, and understanding.  

For details on juvenile/student focused criminal & traffic issues, visit www.ohiostudentlaw.com 

for emergencies, Call Leslie Albeit direct at (614) 403-7356