Certificate of Qualification for Employment

What is it? An employer avoids hiring someone with a criminal record because of the fear of getting sued for negligent hiring. However, obtaining a Certificate of Qualification for Employment would alleviate that fear and place candidates for employment on a level playing field with other applicants. It is a mechanism that will limit the liability of an employer in a lawsuit for negligent hiring.

Requirements for those applying:

1) Time: you must wait to apply until 1 year has passed since you have been convicted of a felony and released from any and all Court obligations, or 6 months for a misdemeanor.  

2) Rehabilitation: the Court will consider whether granting the application will materially assist the individual in obtaining employment or occupational licensing, whether the applicant has a substantial need for the relief requested in order to live a law abiding life, and whether the certificate, if given, would pose an unreasonable risk to the safety of the public or any individual. 

The Certificate of Qualification for Employment is a fairly new creation in Ohio and involves a very complicated application process. Leslie has given lectures on the Certificate of Qualification for Employment to numerous employers as well as candidates for employment, and is looking forward to assisting anyone with questions on the benefits to and requirements of employers, as well as those interested in applying for a Certificate.  

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