Representation for Animal Rescue Organizations

"It is wise to find an attorney... with nonprofit knowledge and sympathy for your cause." - Best Friends Animal Society

The attorneys at Albeit Weiker, LLP are not just knowledgable and sympathetic, we are passionate about furthering the work of animal rescue organizations. We are pleased to offer discounted legal services for current or aspiring businesses in this industry. Getting appropriate legal services will not only protect you as an owner, employee, or volunteer, but will serve to protect the animals needing help. Let us worry about your legal issues, and you worry about those animals. 

Albeit Weiker, LLP handles many issues, including but not limited to:

Getting your business started

  • Business filings;

  • Articles of incorporation;

  • Operating agreements;

  • Business plans;

  • Internal bylaws;

  • Operating procedures;

  • Tax exemptions; and

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.

Operating your business

  • Employee handbooks;

  • Independent contractor assessments;

  • Hiring/firing of employees;

  • Reorganization of structure/policies;

  • Drug testing of students and/or school employees; and

  • Fundraising considerations.

Limiting the liability of your business

  • Volunteer waivers;

  • Foster/adopter contracts;

  • Kennel/boarding contracts;

  • Other services contracts;

  • Contract/waiver developing and review; and

  • Insurance coverage and disputes.

Case by case protection of your business

  • Dispute resolution;

  • Breach of contract claims;

  • Replevin action for the return of an animal;

  • Dog bites;

  • Animal designations/quarantines; and

  • Legal advice on an individual, case by case basis.

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