Albeit Weiker, LLP [pronounced Al-bite Whyker] is a boutique law firm located in Columbus, Ohio. The firm was founded by Leslie Albeit and Mark Weiker, friends and former law school classmates. AW Law is proud to serve as Of Counsel to Barkan Meizlish, LLP. Our philosophy is straightforward. 

WE LISTEN FIRST: We start with client-directed representation, meaning that we start by listening to you and learning about your goals. Listening always comes first. Only then can we apply our knowledge and experience in navigating the legal system to get you to your goals. This may seem simple--and it is. But it is not a given. Unfortunately, listening to what the client really wants is often an overlooked step in law firms where billable hours, egos, prestige and profits rule.  

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO: We also place a very high priority on loving what we do and providing meaningful service to our clients. We understand that long term relationships and excellent service can only be sustained when we are regularly rewarded by our work. We only represent a client if we know we will be strong advocates for them. Period. We think you'll recognize this commitment in your interactions with us and see that it helps us enjoy what we do -- and get results.  

WE'RE HAPPY TO HELP, FORMALLY OR INFORMALLY: We invite you to call us, regardless of the nature of your problem or your situation. While we focus primarily in the areas of business and employment law, school law and special education, criminal defense and civil litigation, we pride ourselves in finding solutions for everyone. We may be able to help you solve a legal problem, show you how to help yourself, or give you the name of another respected professional who can help. We provide no-charge consultations at your place or ours.  

Call our office to speak with any of our attorneys 614.368.5100